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You got the BALLZ

Yes, I remember this song and its source... good times.
This animation, though, has pretty much outdone anything on that site (animationwise) and still I got reminded what exactly has given me an interest in this hobby so many years ago...

Ballz was a great site and discovering that I'm not the only one who remembers it with joy and is still inspired by it is just a great feeling.
Awesome animation and a great homage to a nice memory and another popular and beloved spirit from the past among German flash artists!

Now, why hasn't this gotten a daily?

Hildebrandt responds:

Fuck, I dunno, I think I'm gonna add subtitles and reupload it... or is that douchy? I just don't know... shit... Maybe it needs some work.
I also started to make Flash videos because of Ballz.de- what a great site, it will always remain a beloved memory... :D
Just a few closing words-
"Oben auf den Tannenspitzen...
Und da dacht ich mir SCHEEIIISSE, bin ich im Paradies oder was,
und da hab ich meinen Prengel ausgepackt und überall reingesteckt...

We won't forget.

Quite short and a little linear but still nice

The animation was smooth and nice as always. Characters were decent and I like the idea. Using your typical, crazy animation attitude and mixing it with this special style suited the topic but the music could've been a little crazier as well, as the point of the story is not just sad also has a certain irony, being corrupted a little by the entirely tragic sound of the song.
But all in all this is a pretty nice animation!

Hildebrandt responds:

Hey Klöte,
Thanks for your review. I picked the music afterwards, which is why it doesn't match completely. Furthermore, the second half of the film was created much later than the first... anyways, danke für die Blumen, the next one will contain a fair amount of Vagin0r... stay tuned ;)

You actually delivered!

Took a while longer than announced and it certainly is not what I imagined but I must say that I am completely satisfied. Damn, I loved this trashy lil piece!

Hildebrandt responds:

I felt the sudden urge to draw something with penises. (--> http://lookalivecontest.wordpress.com /2010/09/14/attention-whore/ )
I am on the next one! When will you upload something new?

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Felt nice to beat up myself

Cool game, guys!

lol... Hentai -.-

Ok! You have skills and everyone including Tom really seems to love this kinds of submissions!
But stop submitting demos to promote your fee required hentai sites!

That was a nice first try!

Also congrants for making it in the collection! (Maybe that will help this submission to get the attention your work deserves)
Maybe it was a little unclear because most of the clocks are too big. Also it would have been even better if you would have separated the clothes and the clothes and the other stuff!
But overall: Nice First try! Keep it up!

Hitman407 responds:

Thank you very much! :D

Yea, I had to make the animation smaller, as it was 700 x 700 but when I came to submit it, I found out that the max height is 600 :( So, I decided to keep it square (bad choise) and go with 600 x 600.

When it was 700 x700, the extra space meant that the graphics weren't too big.

Thank you very much for your help though =]

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Good work, sire

trashcanman responds:



...Just beautiful...

...it also sounds really gay!

trashcanman responds:

like freddie mercury, the greatest singer of all time

no, this wasnt very serious, its shit

DK Metal Remix

Fucking great work man... I'm impressed!

trashcanman responds:


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I want a figurine of that

So I can put in ton my bookshelf to all those other kawaii things and jack off onto it.
Ye, prtty nice

brb, piss


Can I have his nose?

Catoblepas responds:

He's too old for that trick.

I am the guy who slaps his balls against your mum's forehead

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