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Posted by Kottbullar - April 22nd, 2014

Holy shit, what have I done with my youth?


Posted by Kottbullar - April 11th, 2012

Evanðelje po Mateju 1
Isusovi preci
1Ovo je rodoslovlje Isusa Krista, potomka kralja Davida koji je bio Abrahamov potomak.

2Abrahamu se rodio Izak. Izaku se rodio Jakov. Jakovu su se rodili Juda i njegova braća.

3Judi je Tamara rodila Peresa i Zeraha. Peresu se rodio Hesron, a Hesronu Ram.

4Ramu se rodi Aminadab. Aminadabu se rodi Nahson, a Nahsonu Salma.

5Salmi je Rahaba rodila Boaza. Boazu je Ruta rodila Obeda. Obedu se rodio Jisaj.

6Jisaju se rodio kralj David. Davidu je bivsa Urijina zena rodila Salomona.

7Salomonu se rodio Roboam. Roboamu se rodio Abija. Abiji se rodio Asa.

8Asi se rodio Jozafat. Jozafatu se rodio Joram, a Joramu Ahazja.

9Ahazji se rodio Jotam, Jotamu Ahaz, a Ahazu Ezekija.

10Ezekiji se rodio Manase, Manaseu Amon. Amonu se rodio Josija.

11Josiji su se, u vrijeme progonstva u Babilon, rodili Jehonija i njegova braća.

12Poslije progonstva u Babilon Jehoniji se rodio Sealtiel. Sealtielu se rodio Zerubabel.

13Zerubabelu se rodio Elijakim, a Elijakimu Azor.

14Azoru se rodio Sadok. Sadoku se rodio Akim, Akimu Elijud.

15Elijudu se rodio Eleazar, Eleazaru Matan, a Matanu Jakov.

16Jakovu se rodio Josip, muz Marije koja je rodila Isusa zvanoga Krist.

17To je, dakle, ukupno četrnaest narastaja od Abrahama do kralja Davida, četrnaest narastaja od kralja Davida do progonstva u Babilon i četrnaest narastaja od progonstva do Krista.
Rođenje Isusa Krista
18Evo kako se zbilo rođenje Isusa Krista: Njegova majka Marija bila je zaručena s Josipom. Ali dok je jos bila djevica, začela je po Svetome Duhu.

19Kako je njezin muz Josip bio pravedan čovjek i kako ju nije htio javno osramotiti, naumi ju potajice napustiti.

20Razmisljajući o tome, zaspao je te mu se u snu ukaze Bozji glasnik. 'Josipe, sine Davidov,' reče mu on, 'ne oklijevaj uzeti Mariju za zenu! Jer dijete koje nosi začeto je po Svetome Duhu.

21Ona će roditi sina i nazvat ćes ga Isus (sto znači Jahve spasava) jer će spasiti svoj narod od njegovih grijeha.'

22Sve se to dogodilo da bi se obistinilo sto je Gospodin rekao po proroku:
23'Slusajte! Djevica će zanijeti! Rodit će sina koji će se zvati Emanuel' (sto znači Bog je s nama).

24Kad se Josip probudio, učini kako mu je Bozji glasnik zapovjedio - dovede Mariju svojoj kući da mu bude zena.

25Nije joj prisao kao muskarac dok nije rodila sina. A onda mu nadjene ime Isus.


Posted by Kottbullar - March 15th, 2010

I have greatly done my duty in the German Army and I'm gonna be dismissed by the end of the month, hopefully having more time and motivation to work on some silly animation and to create a bunch of weird art that should never exist.
My next aim will be to prepare for my studies so I can one day hopefully become a techer to corrupt the next 2 generations and to create an army of Kottbullars to to rule the internet.

Concerning the creative part I'm planning to be more active on this shitty lil website again, produce some hopefully not too time consuming animations to supply you with some good laughs, improve my art skills, create a bunch of 34/35s for the sake of humor and not the shitty kind of Naruto fanboy fapperies and record an album.
Wow... that's pretty much to do actually... I just hope I'm not having a lazy phase again.

Upcoming animation (still) that epicstickfightshit that I have announced about half a y... naw wait... lmfao it's been 2 fucking years?
Anyway, I'm almost done and I have actually found a decent ending.
Release date: Sometime in the next 2 years justkidding, around the end of March... ye

Other than that I'm fine. Life in the Army was nice...
I shot some taliban, raped some women and pillaged a bunch of vilages, leaving behind a cloud of death and destruction.

Naw, actually I just got my basic drill, learned a bunch of more or less interesting things, wasted some ammo at the taxpayer's extense, had some fun with a bunch of nice folks and got to know the life as a solider, which can get (to be honest) a little boring after the first three months of basic drill... at times it's like hanging around in one's room, and watching sitcoms, being paid for it... but yet I've had a bunch of nice and interesting experiences as well and I wouldn't say I regret not to have done civil service instead.
I could also have made myself getting discharged by making a little Netherlands trip before getting mustered or crying about pathetically cooked up suicide thoughts as many people do, though especially most of these people could use 3 months of basic drill...

Anyway, until now 6 of the 9 months are over and since I am stationed close to my home, I can sleep in my own bed (and use my goddamn pc) again almost every day... and now even that's gonna come to an end so I can waste even more time on the internetz.

Pic related; I'm back fuckers!

Back from buttcamp; actally almost about to be dismissed from the Army for good...

Posted by Kottbullar - July 10th, 2009

Today is my last day in freedom because tomorrow I'm getting conscripted.
Obviously I wasn't retarded enough to skip this phase of growing up in Germany and since I couldn't be fucked to compose a completely hypocritical conscientious objection, either based on religious aspects (I'm as religious as Karl Marx god damnit... maybe I should found the church of genitals or something) or based on pacifist reasons (gay) and instead applying for alternative service (which often is even more annoying anyway).


Well, now I'm sitting here, packing my bags, mentally preparing for the army.
Fortunately it's only 9 months I'll have to join them, of which 3 months are basic drill.
This means, for the next time I probably won't be with you guys... Maybe I can go home at some weekends but I honestly don't know about how much spare time I will have yet.

Anyway, so I'll be pretty much hanging around at the barracks, learning some maybe interesting shit, shooting some bullets just to be able to say, "carrying a rifle feels like having a second dick", earning some money my insanely indebted country gives me for the whole shit and hopefully have a nice time until my basic military service is over.
Until then, have a nice time without me.
Cya at the weekends

Posted by Kottbullar - March 30th, 2009

And what's up with you, gentlemen?


Posted by Kottbullar - February 14th, 2009

I've been jamming with Kirk... check out ma new song...
Also, if you enjoyed Valentine's day the traditional way, fuck you!
It's a mindraping cult of the masses with the intention to make you feel happier in a really ridiculous way... A naked, fat little angel, shootin hard shaped arrows... what a pile of bullshit!
So, enjoy, sitting next to your girlfriend (or boyfriend, whatever, I don't give a shit), holding hands with each other like a faggot! The least thing you can do, tho, is regretting the shame! You mindless fuck!
You shall choke on every candy you got due this motherfucking filthday and die a thousand deaths! Motherfucker...

If you are a good psychologist, you may have realized that I don't belong to the "lucky" ones...
But life as a can be great for a solo sometimes... anyway... don't act like a faggot only because everyone else does! Most of you don't enen know that the whole business is about some old, brainless catholic bishop who got beheaded after he had acted nice to a bunch of couples and it got declared this the day of love... HOW FUKKEN ROMANTIC!
So , always keep in mind, while squirting your jizz in your girls hair, you are celebrating the day, some priest got his head cut off!

I'm gonna finish ma beer now...

Posted by Kottbullar - November 11th, 2008

Gotta finish that movie...
Cure against laziness anyone?
Fuck... ok... newest screenshot...
No idea how long it will take me to finish the rest of it... pretty much shit on my plate right now... school n stuff :/

One more Epic stickfight + I am a lazy bastard

Posted by Kottbullar - November 6th, 2008

Guess I'm with ya guys once again...
Also today's my birthday, so you better lick my balls to calm me down for harassing me on such a wonderful day!

Posted by Kottbullar - August 27th, 2008

Let's take a look back at all the swell moments with this great flashgroup that unfortunately degenerated more and more during the last year...
Kinda knew it would happen one day since almost no one was really doing a shit anymore and the group started to get more and more newer guys who didn't really know the difference between good and funny spam what kinda pissed Bigfuzzykitten off... So now I'm sitting here, knowing that its over and thinking about all the good times I had with the KK...

Classic shit:
Kitty Seck(s)ings Collab(First KK Collab ever Created)
Hamster Fuck Collab (Kinda funny shit...)
Pokemon n' hitler hentai (Always liked that one for some reason)

Newer stuff:
A KK Beatdown (Without any dispute the greatest KK submission ever created)
Super Collab 7 (Probably the biggest and best KK collab ever)
"Unblamable"(Actaully some nice shit... I made this for the KK about half a year ago)
Spongebob is watching TV (A classic)
Lightalope Meets Pooh (One of the better spam submissions)
Wiggi World Hentai (lmao... thanks, Daveb0t!)
Spongebob n Hitler Hentai(Sum nice collab by Zeeb I participated in)
Kitty Krew X-mas special (Actually pretty great graphics... also nice humor...)
Kitty Seck(s)ings Collab 2 (Proofs that we didn't only consist of untalented dicks)
Blue's Dogs n Dicks Day(Sum gay ass classic-styled shit by me)

Hey There April... (Not to forget this brilliant song; totally KK style...)

And of course animations by KK inspired people:
House Of 1000 Cats (Probably the most popular and loved KK related flash ever)

Quite a list, eh?
Well, I'm just gonna sit in the corner, crying for the rest of the week and try to cut myself with this plastic toy knife I got for my 6th birthday...
...or just get fuck ass drunk and laugh at some scat- and grannyporn... that's probably easier, yeh...

Also there's a lot of single submission stuff to complete... Guess it's time to go on and try something new... and without the KK boards I won't waste so much time, composing silly messages about balls. Maybe the time has come to concentrate on actually working on some nice animations instead of hanging around on the KK chat all day. Time to try some new shit and to finish a bunch if incomplete flashes. I had a great time with the KK, got to know lots of interesting and nice guys and will probably miss the sick but pretty pleasent community...

-Rest in peace, KK

KK's dead

Posted by Kottbullar - July 17th, 2008


Happy Kitty Day 2008!